Get an instant overview of your business

With 25+ optimised dashboards, you’ll find visualised data to support all the needs of D2C merchants, analysts, marketers, and C-level executives.

Save valuable time

Ellis collects and processes your commerce data for you.
It collects data from sources such as Shopify, Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Google Ads and Meta ads.

Forecast future sales

AI-driven insights will help you detect relevant changes in trends and help you forecast future sales.

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Book an Ellis demo & expert consultation to discuss your e-commerce data needs.

In a 30-minute demo, our experts will walk through Ellis' key features, onboarding process, and pricing. Additionally, any possible custom integrations or development needs will be covered.


Marjo Piirto, ACON

I would recommend Ellis to optimise your business, especially if you are in a multi-channel environment.

Having the right system in place and understanding what is relevant in weekly, monthly or yearly monitoring is really important.

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