Insights that matter


Easy to use and access, as easy as Shopify admin. Simple UI with lots of insights into your data.

Don’t miss a beat

Fill in the blind spots in your data. Curious about CAC or RPV? We've got you covered!

Combine data sources

Collect and process your data from sources such as Shopify, Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Google Ads and Facebook & Instagram ads.

Data integrety

Unified and rock-solid! You can rely on all the data.

Single source of truth

Combine data from customers, sales, marketing, warehouse, payments and shipping. The best insights come from connecting the dots.

Powerful data tools

Data warehouse and AI solutions provide a deep level of business intelligence, forecasting and automatization tools for your use.

Easy connections

Ellis insights helps the merchant by providing a clear single place for your data. If you have multiple Shopify stores, Shopify-POS locations and sales channels linked with your Shopify stores. We get them all together as well as your customer acquisition data. Everything conveniently under one roof. Easily accessible in just a few seconds.

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