Ellis January 2024 Feature Release

Ellis January 2024 Feature Release

We're thrilled to announce some major updates to the Ellis platform also in January 2024. 

The most important new Ellis features include:

📦 Introducing Free Shipping Threshold Analysis 
📈 Build Profit-Based Customer Segments 
🛍️ Enhanced Products Ordered Together
📊 Inventory Management Enhancement 

Introducing Free Shipping Threshold Analysis

The Ellis Shipment & Payments dashboard has been updated with advanced shipment cost analysis tools. Ellis now visualizes the order split between different Average Order Value (AOV) buckets, making it easier to set free shipping thresholds by showing sales, costs, and profits per bucket.  

Build Profit-Based Customer Segments

Ellis users can now build customer segments based on realized customer lifetime value and customer profitability. These features enhance the customer segmentation tool's use cases, enabling you to identify your most valuable and least valuable customers. This allows you to target your marketing actions more effectively.


Free Shipping Analysis

Enhanced Products Ordered Together

The functionality of products ordered together has been expanded to also cover sales potential for post-purchase bundles. Users can see which products are frequently ordered together, helping to identify potential product bundles and buyers interested in bundled products. Users can view orders with marketing consent, understand the maximum potential of the campaign, and easily target post-purchase marketing to these customers.


Inventory Management Enhancement

Ellis Inventory Dashboard has been updated to provide more detailed information on inventory quantity changes per product and warehouse location. This feature is useful for detecting overstock, e.g., at point-of-sale locations, or imbalances between warehouses.


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