Ellis February 2024 Feature Release

Ellis February 2024 Feature Release

Announcing updates to Ellis also in February 2024.

The most important new Ellis features include:

📈 Short & Long-Term ABC Analysis 
🔧 More KPIs on the Overview Dashboard
🎖️ Activate Registered, But Non-Purchased Loyalty Members

Short & Long-Term ABC Analysis 

The updated Ellis ABC Analysis tool now supports analyses over 28-day and 90-day periods, enhancing both short-term responsiveness and long-term strategic planning for eCommerce inventory management: 

  • Short-term insights enable quick inventory adjustments based on real-time sales data and emerging trends. It helps merchants to optimise marketing campaigns and discounts. 
  • Long-term planning aids in identifying trends and seasonality, supporting strategic decisions on inventory levels and cash flow.

More KPI’s in Overview

Ellis Overview dashboard has been updated to include additional key performance indicators (KPIs) New added metric for Web & POS net sales, sold gift cards, new customers, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), refunds, sessions, ad clicks, and blended Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).  Users can compare these values with those from the previous year or a similar past period, enhancing the dashboard's utility for tracking performance.

Activate Registered, But Non-Purchased Loyalty Members

Ellis Loyalty dashboard now offers enhanced insights into both purchasing and non-purchasing loyalty program members, empowering merchants to efficiently activate registered but passive members. This update facilitates the optimization of marketing spend through the creation of personalised campaigns targeted at converting non-purchasers into first-time buyers. By identifying and engaging these members, merchants can also collect critical feedback to pinpoint the barriers preventing  initial purchases, and further develop store experience and conversion.

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