Ellis March 2024 Feature Release

Ellis March 2024 Feature Release

March 2024 updates focuses on new features requested by Ellis users.

The most important new Ellis features include:

πŸ“Š Restructured Sales Dashboard

πŸ“ˆ Product Analysis Enhancements

🎯 New Customer Segmentation Options

πŸ” Metric and Naming Convention Alignment

Restructured Sales Dashboard

Ellis sales dashboards have been consolidated into a single, streamlined dashboard, redesigned for enhanced clarity and usability. The new Sales Overview now features four main sections for a comprehensive analysis of sales data:

  • Sales by store, market, and source: Presents a detailed breakdown of sales, enabling you to analyze performance across different stores, markets, and sources.
  • KPI Trends visualization: Track key performance indicators over time to identify markets and stores that are underperforming or overperforming.
  • Sales by source: Delve into sales data based on UTM traffic referrers, mediums, or sources to pinpoint which channels are driving sales effectively.
  • Sales distributions: Examine sales distribution by time of day, day of the week, shipping country, or customer type to understand buying patterns and preferences.Β 

Product Analysis Enhancements

The third major update, driven by customer requests, is the enhancement of product analysis features within Ellis. These enhancements introduce more detailed capabilities for analyzing products. We've added Cost, Profit, Margin, and Sell-Through Rate as distinct variables. You can now analyze these metrics for specific products or variants, and even break them down by week or month for more granular insights. These new features enable a more detailed examination of product profitability, demand, and the impact of discounts.Β Β 

Additionally, we have included visualizations of gross profit for selected products. This improvement aims to provide a clearer understanding of financial performance at the product level, helping you make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.

New Customer Segmentation Options

Customer Segmentation tool has been improved to build customer segments based on product sizes, variant options or used device types. These features enhance the customer segmentation tool's use cases, enabling you to target your marketing actions more effectively.

Metric and Naming Convention Alignment

Ellis dashboard metrics and naming conventions have been aligned more closely with Shopify's formulas, based on feedback from many of you.Β  This change will reduce misinterpretations and simplify how you understand and use Ellis data.Β Β To enhance user experience, we've also refined tooltips to provide clearer explanations of each metric, the formulas behind them, and the data sources used.

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