Ellis September 2023 Feature Release

September has almost gone, and with the turn of the season, we're bringing an exciting array of features to elevate your analytics experience. Read on to learn about the additions we've made to Ellis.

Introducing the Generative AI-based Support Chatbot

With the rapid evolution of technology, we decided it was high time to enhance our customer support. The newly rolled out Generative AI-based chatbot is designed to assist you in navigating Ellis's vast suite of features. The more you interact with our chatbot, the smarter it gets! With regular training, it will become even more adept at addressing your inquiries.

Security Note: The chatbot doesn't have access to sales or customer-specific data, it is trained only with support documentation ensuring confidentiality.

Dive Deeper with Generative AI-based Insights

We've also launched AI-generated insights for Sales, Average Order Value (AOV), and Marketing Costs. Weekly and monthly reviews will empower you to discern trends and hidden patterns in your data. As these insights are fully AI-generated, we're eager to receive your feedback to further enhance accuracy and relevance.

Page Speed Analysis - Now with Benchmarks!

Optimizing your store's conversion just got a significant boost. With the introduction of benchmarks in Page Speed Analysis, you can now compare your store's performance against competitors. With this data in hand, chart out actionable steps to improve conversions. Remember, even a 1-second improvement in website speed can escalate mobile user conversions by up to 27%! 

Stay Updated with Daily and Weekly Email Notifications

To ensure you're always in the loop, we've introduced daily and weekly email notifications. By default, every Ellis user will receive weekly updates. However, if you're keen on daily insights, simply activate the daily email notifications from the Settings page. Keep your finger on the pulse of your store's performance!

Enhanced Loyalty Dashboard

For those utilizing the LoyaltyLion program, we have good news! The loyalty dashboard now offers improved tracking of member sales across various channels, including web and PoS. Monitor and reward your loyal customers more efficiently than ever before.

These newly introduced features will make your eCommerce analytics journey smoother, smarter, and more successful. Reach out to us with your thoughts, suggestions, and queries.

Ellis team

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