Ellis October 2023 Feature Release

Ellis October 2023 Feature Release


We are delighted to release new Ellis features also in the October release. The most important new Ellis features include:

New Subscriptions Dashboard

Introducing the revamped Ellis Subscriptions Analysis, now a standard feature for all Ellis merchants. Seamlessly track and analyze customer loyalty by integrating the leading subscription app, Recharge, with Ellis. Learn more.

New SEO Analysis Dashboard

Enhance your visibility on organic search with our new SEO Analysis dashboard, integrating Google Search Console with Ellis. This has been a much-requested feature, as over 50% of incoming traffic to ecommerce stores for many Ellis merchants comes from SEO. Analyze vital KPIs, top queries, page speed index, and ensure that your latest product pages are optimized for Google Search. Find out more.

Ellis SEO Analysis Dashboard

Enhanced Online, Omnichannel, and Point of Sale Reporting

With the growing popularity of Shopify PoS, we have enriched our features to boost omnichannel analyses. Sales source selection is now available across various Ellis dashboards—sales, inventory & products, and customer—enabling granular analyses per sales channel. Assess discounts, returns, analyze customer lifetime value, and RFM in an omnichannel context. Understand the nuances between online, omnichannel, and PoS-only sales and products.

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