Ellis November 2023 Feature Release

Ellis November 2023 Feature Release

We are delighted to release new Ellis features in the November. The most important new Ellis features include:

Analyse Profits with Income Statements

Introducing major update on ecommerce profitability analysis with Ellis. Income statement provides a summary of the revenues, expenses, and profits or losses of an ecommerce. Income statements data is generated by combining sales from Shopify stores, connected marketing channels, imported data such as shipment costs, and manually entered data such as other expenses. 

Shipment Cost Import & Analysis

Introducing Ellis's new Shipment Cost Import & Analysis, enabling better control over profitability by including accurate shipping costs into profits. Users can now input specific shipping data from xls/csv files for each order or set default costs for enhanced profitability insights. Users can detect anomalies in shipping costs and save money. 

Shopify Markets Support

Ellis can now consolidate sales, customer, and product data from various markets into a single solution, simplifying analysis and strategic decision-making from both Shopify Markets and Shopify Plus stores. Read more.

Improved Product Performance

Product Performance dashboard has been improved by adding Product Conversion Rate % (= Orders / Product Views) and PPV (= Profit / Product Views) metrics, enabling more in-depth product profitability analysis. These metrics help users detect the highest and lowest converting products and spot how product ads are driving traffic to the store.

Improved Discount Code Analysis

Improving discount code analysis by enabling users to filter results by discount codes. This makes collaborator analysis even easier by visualising KPIs such as sales, customers, AOV, and profit per discount code. Analyse metrics over time, including discounts, full-price sales, discounted sales, and total sales.

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