Introducing Shopify Markets Support: Multistore Data Made Easy

Introducing Shopify Markets Support: Multistore Data Made Easy

Shopify Markets has been a game-changer in enabling multimarket storefronts building easier than ever before, allowing merchants to create tailored shopping experiences for customers in various regions and countries. Now, we're taking a giant leap forward with the introduction of multimarket support in Ellis. This new feature is set to revolutionise data analysis for Shopify merchants managing multiple online stores, or for all combinations of markets and Shopify Plus expansion stores.

Understanding Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets enables merchants to customize their storefronts for different geographic regions, without adding separate expansion stores. Whether it's a single country market like "Germany" or a multi-country market like "Europe," Shopify Markets offers flexibility and control in how you present your store to different audiences. This customization extends to local currencies and price lists, languages, payment and shipping methods, domains and also market specific content, aligning with each market's unique preferences and requirements.

Ellis Shopify Markets Support

With the latest update, Ellis now supports Shopify’s multi-market analysis, establishing itself as the first data platform globally to offer this extent of functionality. This enhancement addresses the increasing demand from our customers and underscores our belief in the importance of Shopify Markets functionality. Consequently, users can now analyze data not just from a single Shopify Markets store but also amalgamate data from multiple Shopify Markets stores with existing expansion stores.


Shopify Markets in Ellis

This means you combine sales, product and customer analytics from all stores and markets uniquely offering few remarkable benefits:

  • Consolidated Data Analysis: Users can now view all sales and customer data in a single place, regardless of how many stores or markets they operate in. This unified view makes it easier to analyze overall performance and identify trends across different regions. For multibrand enterprises this gives opportunities to cross sell between the markets and stores.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Multimarket support in Ellis eliminates the need for multiple apps and tools to analyze different stores. This not only simplifies the data analysis process but also significantly reduces costs, particularly beneficial for brands with multiple storefronts, as separate analytics apps aren’t needed per store.
  • Strategic Decision Making: With all digital commerce data at your fingertips, making informed decisions about global selling strategy becomes more straightforward. Understand which markets are performing well, where there is room for growth, and how different strategies impact different regions. 

By providing a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for data analysis across multiple markets, Ellis empowers businesses to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Whether you're a small business venturing into new markets or a large enterprise managing multiple stores, Ellis's new feature is designed to support Shopify based merchants' global digital commerce journey as it lets you scale your business with ease.

Written by
Jani Kykyri 

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