Chief Evangelist's Tips: Advanced Analytics for Shopify Markets

Chief Evangelist's Tips: Advanced Analytics for Shopify Markets

Woolman's Ellis, a leading Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) operating system, now enhances Shopify Markets with comprehensive analytics solutions, meeting the demands of brands and retailers for specialised Shopify Plus analytics.  

The primary goal of our extensive Shopify Markets support is to ensure that all merchants using this feature can easily compare performance across different markets in a single view. Based on extensive feedback from our customers, we have focused on the following key features:

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Country Support in Sales Trends Analysis: Ellis efficiently handles extensive market operations, whether it's 50 or over 100 markets.
  • Rapid Country Filtering and Monitoring: Offers customisation for specific market analysis in under 10 seconds.
  • Extended Retail Channel Integration: Includes full support for Shopify POS and additional Shopify Plus expansion stores.
  • Enhanced Geographical Sales Analysis: Ideal for strategic planning and large-scale marketing evaluation.
  • Possibility for Custom Set of KPIs: Ellis allows for the measurement of custom KPIs as requested by the majority of our large to enterprise-level customers.
  • Ease of Use: Based on customer feedback, Ellis is user-friendly and simplifies Shopify Markets data comparison with our built-in currency conversion functionality.

Ellis - Shopify markets and POS data short video


We have seen a massive surge in demand with customers moving from multi-expansion store setups to more Shopify Markets-driven setups. These setups offer extended cost efficiency and ease in managing online operations. This trend is becoming significant in the market. We are dedicated to helping merchants compare customers across markets or different related brands with just a few simple clicks. We have already observed that actively using Shopify Markets data can significantly influence growth and improvements in areas like customer acquisition, A/B testing, and on-site optimisation.

Mikko Rekola, Chief Evangelist at Woolman

Learn more about Ellis's capabilities in boosting Shopify Markets performance by booking a demo with our data specialist. We also offer related data science services, including customer-specific data studies and advanced AI-driven analyses. These services are trusted by rapidly growing pure-play D2C brands as well as Fortune 500 enterprises and well known retail chains.

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