5 Tips for Elevating Email Marketing with Ellis

5 Tips for Elevating Email Marketing with Ellis

This blog post dives into actionable tips for utilising Ellis Shopify ecommerce analytics to refine your email marketing efforts, aiming to boost your store's conversion rates and profitability. Here are 5+1 tips to enhance your email marketing efforts and drive significant results.

1. Harness the Power of Basic Email Automation

Starting with the basics can yield surprising benefits. Automation is a game-changer, often resulting in a 50% increase in email-related sales. 

Key automated flows include:

  • Welcome email flow: Greet your new subscribers and offer post-purchase promotions.
  • Cart abandonment flow: Remind customers about items they've left behind, perhaps with a small discount to nudge them towards purchase.
  • Browse abandonment flow: Target users who have shown interest in a product but haven't made a purchase. This is especially effective for registered users on platforms like Klaviyo.

Investigating the impact of loyalty programs and newsletter flows on sales could uncover additional opportunities for automation.

2. Level Up with Advanced Email Automation

To further refine your strategy, consider implementing advanced automation flows:

  • Replenishment emails: Remind customers when it's time to reorder consumables or replace worn-out items. Analyse your customers with Ellis Customer Segmentation tool to build suitable audiences
  • Re-engagement campaigns: Reactivate passive customers by reaching out after a period of inactivity (e.g., 180 days).
  • Upsell flows: Suggest products that complement past purchases. Ellis Single Product View dashboard gives detailed information which products have been ordered together and which are potential for upsells.

Utilise Ellis's Customer Segmentation tool and single Product View to identify the right audience for these campaigns, ensuring your messages are as relevant as possible.

3. Boost Sales with Targeted Campaign Emails

Strategic campaign emails can significantly impact your bottom line. Consider these approaches:

  • Pre-order/new release campaigns: Generate excitement and early sales for new products by targeting marketing at the base of previous purchases. 
  • Product association campaigns: Use data to understand which products are frequently bought together and tailor your recommendations.
  • Winback campaigns: Re-engage customers who haven't purchased in a while or remind them of expiring gift cards to encourage action.
  • Expiring gift card reminders:  With Ellis you can create campaigns for expiring gift card owners
Ellis Customer Lifetime Dashboard

Leverage Ellis's segmentation tool, Customer Lifetime, Single Product View and Product Association dashboards to pinpoint the perfect audience for each campaign.

4. Enhance Engagement with Loyalty Program Automation

Personalising communication based on loyalty program tiers can foster a deeper connection with your audience. 

Implement email flows that:

  • Alert customers to expiring points, encouraging them to redeem rewards.
  • Highlight tier-specific benefits, making each customer feel valued and understood.
  • Promote content that reduces returns, such as product reviews and size guides, especially for high-return items.

Ellis seamlessly integrates Shopify loyalty apps like Loyalty Lion enabling unlocking full-potential of integrated loyalty programs.

5. Drive Profitability with Geo-Targeted Campaigns

Geographic targeting allows for highly personalised and relevant marketing efforts. Several Ellis customers with Shopify PoS connected have found it very useful to use geo-targeted marketing to drive online shoppers to physical stores. It has helped increase customer loyalty, CLV and profitability by reducing returns. 

You can use Ellis to segment your audience based on location, then:

  • Promote in-store exclusive offers or events to drive foot traffic.
  • Encourage online purchases with in-store pickup options, potentially increasing in-store upsells and returning returns.

Bonus Tip: Enhance Profitability by Reducing Returns

Consider blacklisting habitual returners to improve your bottom line. While returns are a part of ecommerce, managing them effectively can reduce losses and enhance overall profitability. You can create segments of heavy returners with Ellis segmentation tools, and exclude these customers from your promotional emails.

Start Implementing Ecommerce Success Strategies with Ellis

Integrating Ellis into your email marketing strategy offers a powerful way to personalise your outreach, engage customers effectively, and drive conversions. By focusing on data-driven personalization, automation, and strategic targeting, you can see an impact on your ecommerce success.

Remember, the key to maximising your ecommerce profitability lies in continuously analysing your customer data, optimising your email marketing strategies, and staying adaptable to the changing dynamics. Start implementing these tips with Ellis to transform your ecommerce email marketing efforts and drive significant improvements in both conversion rates and profitability.

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