Ellis Summer 2024 Feature Release

Ellis Summer 2024 Feature Release

We're thrilled to announce Ellis Summer 2024 release with updates to the Ellis Customer Segmentation and Point of Sales (PoS) dashboards. These enhancements are crafted to help you better understand your customers and optimize your business operations effectively.

Geographical Customer Segmentation

The Ellis Customer Segmentation tool has been upgraded to provide more detailed insights into geolocations. In addition to the map view, the dashboard now includes important customer KPIs such as the number of customers, orders, sales, average order value (AOV), customer lifetime value (CLV), return rate, and profits per region and country.

These enhancements enable a deeper understanding of where your different customer segments are located. With this detailed geographical data, you can more accurately target both online and offline marketing efforts, ultimately helping to grow your business

Improved Point of Sales Dashboard

The newly improved Ellis Point of Sales (PoS) dashboard is now optimised for detailed location and sales staff comparisons. This enhanced dashboard allows you to analyse PoS location performance using new key performance indicators (KPIs) like GM1, alongside traditional metrics such as sales, discounts, and average order value (AOV).

Key Features:

  • Location performance analysis: Evaluate PoS locations with comprehensive KPIs, including GM1, sales, discounts, and AOV.
  • Top category and product comparison: Easily compare the performance of top categories and products to identify best-selling items at each PoS location.
  • Sales staff performance: Analyse sales staff performance individually over time 
  • Operational analysis: Plan opening hours and staff requirements for different times of the day and week, optimising personnel costs.
  • Compare performance across different timeframes, days, weeks, months, or years, to identify trends.

Usability Improvements

Usability improvements continued with minor but useful features for many merchants as Ellis now remembers the latest selections in filters you have used. This small improvement makes using it much more convenient and reduces needed clicks to select merchants' favourite filtering options like timeframe, comparison period and reporting granularity. 

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