Basic operations: Filtering dashboard data

Ellis dashboards can be filtered with various timeframe filters. You can use predefined filters or filter data with customized timeframe. 

Filter data by:

  1. Clicking dashboard date filter on the top right corner of dashboards and select the used timeframe for the dashboard.
    Filtering data
  2. Click reload button on the left top corner of the dashboard to refresh the dashboard.

Note: Some dashboard metrics might have a fixed timeframe and filtering isn't applied, this should be seen from the metric or graph name.

Date filter selections:

  • Today: Refers to current date
  • Yesterday: Refers to last whole date
  • Last x days: Refers to last running selected days having current day inclusive.
  • This Week/Month/Quarter/Year: Refers to whole selected period of time having future days inclusive.
  • Previous Week/Month/Quarter/Year: Refers to last whole selected period of time.


Comparison Type:

  • Previous Period: Refers to the previous period of equal length DIRECTLY before the current period.
  • Previous Year: Refers to selected period one year ago. For example selected period "1.6.2022-30.6.2022" is compared to "1.6.2021-30.6.2021". 
  • Custom period: Comparison is done towards period selected in Comparison Period (Custom Type) -date selection.