Dashboard operations: Filtering dashboard data

Updated September 20, 2023.

By default, Ellis dashboards provide a wide range of filtering options.

Filtering dashboards

Most dashboards can be filtered according to:
  • Current Period: The period for which data is presented.
  • Comparison Period: Used for comparisons.
  • Date Granularity: Options include day, week, month, and year.
  • Store Name: Determines which store data is analyzed.
  • Markets: Each market in which store operates in (linked to Store Name filter).
  • Sales Source Name Channel: Includes web, Point of Sales, and other sales channels.

Please note, filtering options varies slightly between dashboards depending dashboard scope and functionality.

Once filters are selected, remember to update dashboard filtering by clicking ↻ button from top right corner of the dashboard.

Comparison Period Filter

Filter provides options to compare selected Current Period data with three different type of comparison periods:

  • Previous Period: Refers to the previous period of equal length DIRECTLY before the current period. E.g. if 2 months are selected, data from past 2 months is compared to data from past 2 months before that. 
  • Previous Year: Refers to selected period one year ago. For example selected period "1.6.2022-30.6.2022" is compared to "1.6.2021-30.6.2021". 
  • Custom Period: Comparison is done towards period selected in Comparison Period (Custom Type) -date selection.



  • Sometimes reseting filters might be needed: You can reset filters and clear cache from three dots button from top right corner.