How to analyze product associations?

Product associations analysis is used to understand which items are either frequently bought together or if anything changes after a discount campaign or a change in the market.

Where to find product associations?

Dedicated product associations tool can be found on the the inventory dashboard. Our product associations tool is built to three separate parts and features a so called appriori algorithm to analyse all of your past product sales.

First table shows you the support strenght between most common items bought together. By moving mouse on a relation you can see more clearly the strength on that particular relation.


The second table concentrates on a so called Product lift. Which visualises how likely it's that thes two products are bought together than just as separate ones.


Besides of these two graphs, there is also a products associations table with a more in depth analysis on all products being sold online. The list uses our appriori algorhitm and is build so that you see on the top combinations bought most frequently together. This is a great tool to check if more rare product combinations have ever occured.

How to use product associations?

Product associations are used in ecommerce for multiple different reasons. Mostly the used cases are following.

  • Building product bundles and using data to make sure bundles would have demand.
  • Building campaigns, where product associations help to build campaigns with high demand.
  • Planning the customer journey on the store and deciding which items should be highlighted in the store as example on the front page, top of landing pages etc.

Further information on product associations?


Product associations data is coming straight from Shopify. If you are selling non-physical items they should be listed here as usual as long as they are listed as products on Shopify.

If you have any questions regarding these product associations kindly reach out to