Subscriptions Analysis Dashboard

Updated March 21, 2024

The Subscriptions Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of subscription-based business, tracking sales over time with a focus on 'Recurring' and 'Checkout' charges.

It dives into key metrics such as New Subscriptions, Cancelled Subscriptions, and dynamic customer insights, leveraging data from Recharge for a detailed analysis.

Additionally, it offers a granular understanding of product performance and customer behavior, supported by detailed information from both Recharge and Shopify sources.


  • Subscription Total Sales: Sum of order total price which includes discounts, taxes and shipping but no refunds. 
  • Subscription Refunds: Refunded amount on products. The amount includes taxes. Refunds are presented in relation to the date of order processing. 
  • Total New Customers: Number of new customers over a selected period of time. 
  • Total Churned Customers: Number of churned customers over a selected period of time. 
  • Total New Subscriptions: New subscriptions created by customers during this period.
  • Total Cancelled Subscriptions: Cancelled subscriptions cancelled by customers during this period.
  • Total Orders: The total number of orders processed within the date range provided. 
  • Total Customers: The total number of customers who processed an order during the date range provided. This number consists of both active and inactive customers. 
  • Total Quantity: The total number of items sold within the date range provided.



  • Total Sales: Recurring vs Checkout graph focuses on tracking sales over time, dividing them into two distinct categories: 'Checkout charges' and 'Recurring charges.' Sales represents sum of order total price which includes discounts, taxes and shipping but no refunds. -Checkout charges are the result of an active check out. These are the 1st charge of a subscription product. (Note: this includes any onetime products that were also attached to the charge). -Recurring charges are the 2nd+ charges of a subscription, where the charge was automatically created, queued, and processed after the user actively checked out. 
  • Share of Total Sales By Membership Status: Visual representation of the distribution of sales based on membership status (member and non-member). It helps to understand how members and non-members contribute to sales.
  • New Customers / Active Customers /Churned Customers visualization shows the number of customers with at least one active subscription over time. 
  • Customer Details table displays customers' information sorted by account creation date in descending order, dynamically adjusting to match the selected date filters.
  • New Subscriptions / Active Subscriptions / Cancelled Subscriptions look displays the number of new subscriptions as well as the total number of active subscriptions.
  • Product SKUs: Displays how each product is performing on a granular level.