Returns Dashboard

Updated March 21, 2024

The Returns & Refunds Dashboard displays detailed refunds and returns analysis. Understanding returns helps in assessing the direct cost implications on profitability:

  • Frequent returns can signal quality issues or misleading product descriptions.
  • Analyzing returns can highlight inefficiencies in shipping, handling, or inventory management.
  • Returns provide feedback on product quality, and customer expectations.

The dashboard is most suitable for analysing the order cohorts that cannot be returned anymore, but it can also be used in monitoring the returns of recently placed orders if it is kept in mind that some of these orders will be returned in the future.

The Current Period filter applies to order creation date. If the selected period is set to cover recent days, the reported refund amounts and quantities are not likely complete as a portion of the orders will be returned in the coming days, weeks or months based on the store’s return policy.

Returns & Refunds Dashboard Elements


  • Total Sales. Source: Shopify
  • Orders: Total amount of orders. Source: Shopify
  • Product Refundes: Total refunds in the selected period. Source: Shopify
  • Refunded Orders: Count of orders with at least one refund applied to them in the selected period. Source: Shopify
  • Refund Rate: Share of orders that have at least one refund applied to them in the selected period. Source: Shopify
  • Average Duration Between Order and Refund explains average duration between order and refund creation dates in days. Source: Shopify


  • Total Sales and Refunds Comparison chart compares Total Sales to Refunds and count of refunded orders over time. Source: Shopify
  • Returns by Product Name table shows returned and sold quantities, return rates and refunded prices by product. Same products across separate Shopify stores are grouped together. Only the first 100 results are reported here, but you can download the full data separately. Source: Shopify
  • Return Rates by Product Category chart explains return rates for categories
  • Refunded Product Total Sales by Product Category chart explains amount of  refunded products by categories
  • Returns by Location shows returns on map. By clicking the map, returned orders can be analysed.