Custom reports

This page explains what are custom reports and how they can be generated on Ellis? By default Ellis currently features 8 separate dashboards, which are the similar for all Ellis users. They have been automatically created once you login to Ellis for the first time.

However, as D2C businesses have their unique needs we have also enabled the possibility for unique reporting needs with a custom reports functionality.

Custom reports

Our dedicated data team can create customer/brand specific so called custom reports. They are currently created as a service and are the reached from the main menu with specific titles.

Typically custom reports are used for more in depth reporting needs such as:

  • Weekly stock reports
  • Analysing brand specific KPI's related to products
  • Industry specific product return analysis tables
  • Advanced Shopify POS store analysis starting with 10+ locations

Custom reports can also feature additional metrics, which can be calculated based on customer requests.

How to access custom reports?

Kindly contact your Ellis contact point or reach out to for further information regarding custom reports.