How to analyze multishop sales?

Updated September 20, 2023

Ellis can support multiple Shopify Advanced or Shopify PLUS stores out of the box. This is called our dedicated multishop feature.

What does multishop feature mean?

Ellis is built in a way, so that once can connect as many Shopify stores and Shopify POS locations as possible. We have co-created the whole feature with large D2C brands with up to tens of Shopify PLUS store and dozens or more Shopify POS points.

Multishop feature gives the user to follow the sales and other key KPI's of all connected sales in a single currency such as euros, pounds or dollars. We automatically convert currencies with the same process as they use in the book keeping. This way you can look at your entire D2C operations and more easily compare sales related figures between different stores.

How one can benefit of the multishop feature?

Multishop feature includes a main table on the overview dashboard. Here you can with a single glimpse compare several sales related KPI's including

  • Order amount
  • Average order value
  • Average product value
  • Average basket size
  • Return percentage
  • Discount rate

What does multishop feature enable?

The user can focus on a single store or choose as many stores they want to further analyse sales, stock or marketing. For the C-level it's also easy to activate all the store and look at the large picture.

What about multishop and Shopify POS?

We count all Shopify POS sales automatically under the sales figures. If one wants to follow more closely what happens in the physical stores & pop-up locations one can open a separate POS view for more in depth analysis.