Single Product View Dashboard

Updated January 22, 2024

The Single Product View displays detailed analysis of a filtered product. The analysis includes sales KPIs, product/variant details and co-sold products.

The dashboard is filterable by timeframe, product name/title, store name and market. For multi-store Ellis setups, the same products with potentially differing product titles from different Shopify Plus stores are grouped under the same product name.

Single Product View Dashboard Elements


  • Product Name: Product Name that is currently being filtered. The Product Name may differ from the Product Title if several stores sell the same product with different titles.
  • Sales: The sales after discounts and taxes are applied. The figure ignores returns and shipping. Source: Shopify
  • Orders: The amount of orders including the filtered product. Source: Shopify
  • Sold Quantity: The count of sold items. Source: Shopify
  • ABS: The average basket size (ABS) of orders containing the filtered product. It is calculated as the total item count divided by the order count considering only orders including the filtered product. The number indicates whether the filtered product tends to be bought separately or with other items. Source: Shopify
  • APV:  Average product value (APV) is the realized average selling price. It is computed as sales after discounts and taxes divided by the count of sold item count. The APV does not include returns or shipping.
  • Return Rate: Returned item quantity divided by the sold item quantity. The returns are allocated on the order date. Source: Shopify 
  • Product Info:  Lists the products from different Shopify stores that are grouped under the same product name.


  • Sales, Returns and Discounts by Week: Sales (after discounts and taxes without returns and shipping), returns (based on order date) and given discounts by weekSource: Shopify
  • Bought together: List of other products sold with the filtered product. The table shows in how many distinct orders the products were ordered together, how many items were sold, and the sales after discounts and taxes. Source: Shopify
  • Sold Product Variants: Lists basic information about sold product variants. The variants without any sales on the current period are excluded from the results.